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The importance of having a CRM is well established in many communities and industries.  However, now comes the question: Which CRM is right for my business? Which CRM should my business use?  Or which CRM is best? These are important questions that need to be answered before anyone should move forward with investing in a software.   Dozens of reports are published every year comparing features, price, usability, and reviews. Compare different softwares below to determine what matters most to you. 


Zoho, Insightly, HubSpot, and Pipedrive are industry leaders when it comes to affordable CRM softwares.  Microsoft 365 and Salesforce frequently come to mind when talking about CRM softwares because of their trendsetting history, but both can present a challenge to business owners because of the investment they require.  With regard to bang for your buck, Zoho, Insightly, HubSpot and Pipedrive are the go-to softwares.  


Features for all four include: integrated web contact forms, role based access, lead routing, and customizable dashboards.   Popular features that Zoho offers include multi-channel connection with customers, Artificial Intelligence, Performance Analytics, and 100% customization.  Pipedrive and HubSpot both offer Google Maps one-click integration and automatic meeting location suggestions. Insightly offers event reports and pulls online information. 


But features are not the only thing to consider when contemplating what CRM is best for your business.  For many businesses, integrations are also a key concern. Zoho offers dozens of integrations with popular platforms like GMail, Outlook, RingCentral, and other lesser known platforms like Twilio and WhatsApp.  In terms of integration, all four platforms offer a wide variety of options, but Zoho definitely leads the pack.  


For many decision makers, price is a top concern. Below is a price comparison for different levels, which offer different features, to see what would be the best choice for your users.  

Pricing Plans Zoho Insightly HubSpot Pipedrive
Free Up to 3 users Up to 2 users Unlimited
Standard/ Plus/ Starter/ Silver $12 per user/month;  $29 per user/month;  $50 per month; unlimited number of users $12.50 per user/month;
Professional/ Gold $20 per user/month;  $49 per user/month;  $800 per month;  unlimited number of users $24.20 per user/month;  
Enterprise/ Platinum $35 per user/month;  $99 per user/month;  $3,200 per month; unlimited number of users $49.17 per user/ month; 


When it comes to picking a CRM, there is a lot to consider.  Looking at most of the common factors, it’s easy to see that Zoho is a strong option and presents a great choice for many users and businesses.  Not only does Zoho offer hundreds of organic features and integrations, almost all missing features or integrations can be custom written or connected.


Need more information about which CRM is right for you?  Reach out to Klein Consulting at (773) 938-8428 or email at info@klein.consulting.  Want to schedule a call instead? Click here. 

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