Klein Consulting

Getting Started

We work best in two-week sprints. We partner with you to break your project down into smaller phases and constantly pulse feedback to see what’s working and what’s not so we can adapt and iterate along the way.

During the initial discovery phase, we create a features list outlining what each sprint will accomplish, to give you a rough timeline and price point. As milestones pass, we can look back on past work and clients can provide feedback going forward, so that we future sprints can achieve the ideal result.

For you, there are distinct advantages:

– First, you don’t have to hand over to requirements and information to us. You give us only what we need for the focused sprint we’re working on.

– Second, you’re never locked into a long-term contract with us. You sign on and pay for each sprint and can pause the project or take a break whenever you need to.

The Agile Method is the foundation of our approach. One of the principles of the Agile Method is promoting development that is scaleable and sustainable.

Agile Developement

Two Week Sprints

By breaking out your project into mini-projects – what we refer to as 2 week sprints – you’ll be a part of your project all along the way.  That means no surprises, and you understand exactly what your investment is going toward in project build out.  As project requirements change, you can rely on an adaptable project methodology that can anticipate shifting priorities and modify our project approach quickly and effectively.


Building a Backlog

After dividing your larger project into shorter sprints, a backlog is created. Think of backlog like a parking lot. As sprints progress and get completed based on priority, we’ll pull new tasks from the “parking lot” and incorporate them into the larger project.  The backlog is continuously updated as your needs and wants change, so the end product perfectly fits your requirements.


Setting You Up for Long Term Success

Once your project is completed, we also equip you with the tools and resources you need to operate independently — and without us!

We do this through hands-on training and a process we call Run Books, which operate like User Manuals to give you every detail you need on every module, task and component of your project so you can manage it seamlessly and independently.

Title Rings

Communication & Collaboration

We’ll always be connected and available. Along the way, we deploy several channels such virtual meetings, tracking messages, emails and documentation, and file uploading and sharing.