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For any business looking to grow, acquire new leads, and convert leads to customers, a CRM (customer relationship management) platform is crucial.   CRMs allow businesses to upload and update leads, track where they are in the pipeline, and facilitate converting leads into eventually “deals”. For sales-based businesses, CRMs allow users to track sales by salesperson, type of lead, recent interactions, and current state.  This is just a glimpse into the many features different CRMs offer.    

Lead generation and lead conversion is the foundation of any successful business, regardless of size, industry, or product.   This is why it is so crucial to have a custom CRM that works for your business. Businesses, whether they are primarily B2B or B2C, take in dozens, if not hundreds of leads every month.  Generating, tracking, managing, and converting these leads is a necessary business function, but can be time consuming.  

In a world with so many options when it comes to CRM choices, not just any old system will do.  Before diving into a CRM software and potentially spending hundreds of dollars, all business owners and operators need to first examine their needs, wants, constrictions, and budget.  There are dozens of choices that range from a few dollars a month to over a hundred dollars a month. But budget isn’t and shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Usability, integrations, and access management also need to be examined before making a decision.  

Zoho CRM offers a unique option to meet your business needs.  Zoho CRM has routinely been voted one of the top CRM softwares on the market, and is only getting better.  What makes Zoho truly unique is that it is almost entirely customizable. Because Zoho has their own scripting language, custom features, workflows, and automated processes can be written and implemented.  While this is a great feature, Zoho also has many features that are organic to the system, and will make your business operate more efficiently.  

Interested in finding out if Zoho is for you?  Contact Us at info@klein.consulting or at (773) 938-8428 to find out how we can set up a Zoho free trial and customize your CRM to your exact business needs.  

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