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Wesley’s Problem

Wesley is the Director of Research for a private liberal arts school that attracts talented students from all across the company. Applicants come in from all across the country and graduates start successful careers in professions spanning the globe. Wesley wants to be able to visualize this data as well as countless other points so his university can make the best marketing and development decisions.

Our Solution: Visualizing Your Data

For Welsey, Klein can build out an entire environment that allows different groups of administrators and faculty to view reports, dashboards, and charts. This allows decision makers to spot trends and respond accordingly. With access to numerous free and affordable data solutions, we can paint a picture with the data your university values most, and wants to see and understand at a glance. Click here to open our free guide to University Data Sources.

See the power of a centralized, visual reporting tool with our interactive demo dashboard in your own browser. Click here, to try it for yourself.

University Analytics

We’re Here for You!

Klein Consulting will take the time to fully understand what you want to see, how you want to see it, and where you want to see it while creating visuals that work for your university.

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