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The other day, I was driving home from a friend’s house and a radio ad came on about how difficult it can be to integrate an ecommerce site with your ERP.  Their call to action was – buy these services from so and so company who will handle, and I quote, the “hard stuff”.

I don’t know why this ad irked me, but it really didn’t sit well.  The ad was filled with key IT terms like “ERP”, “Bandwidth”, “Integrations”, “KPIs”, “Server Hosting”, and a couple others sprinkled in for good measure.  This ad pegged its strategy on making a process sound as complicated as possible so that when prospects would hear these buzzwords – that they know they have heard within their organization but don’t completely understand – they would feel unnecessarily overwhelmed hopefully driving them to “CALL NOW” for relief of their IT growing pains as echoed in the last 15 seconds of the commercial.

There is nothing wrong with this company, as far as I know, and the marketing technique is a common one… but it begs the question – is it effective?

Early on, Klein Consulting took on similar marketing approaches but we have since tweaked our process to effectively communicate the importance of not only coming alongside in the “hard stuff” but also translating the unfamiliar jargon and empowering customers to take the reigns of change into their own hands.

If your company is offering services and you’re wondering how to ramp up sales and connect with your customers, consider these tips for your next marketing campaign:

Delight the Customer

Before joining Klein Consulting, I worked at Ulta Corporate and the greatest takeaway from that experience is this: delight the guest with experiences that are memorable and fun.  I’ll admit, the IT world may not always be as glamorous as the corporate milieu of the top beauty provider in the country, but the message is broadly applicable to every industry.  Are you offering a service that is delighting your customers?  This goes beyond their happiness.  It’s one thing to have a satisfied customer, but it’s another entirely to have a delighted one.  How do you know your customers are delighted?

  • They find joy in the processes that you have implemented and they feel empowered to use these tools within their organization.
  • They are excited to hand out referrals to friends in the industry because of their positive experience.
  • They look forward to connecting with you and your team on a consistent basis.

No One Likes a Know-it-All

Are you guilty of running campaigns similar to the radio example I opened with?  In this world of driving up SEO (search engine optimization) by any means necessary so that you show up at the top, you better be ready when intrigued customers dig a little deeper.  People, especially the ones that could be paying you with their dollars for help, do not like to be reminded of their lack of knowledge in an area they are not familiar in.  Of course, your service based company should be depended on to act as an expert but there’s a fine line between expert and know-it-all.

Be a teacher to your clients who are eager to learn.  Help them understand acronyms that you no longer give a second thought to.  Break down concepts that can appear daunting.  More often than not, when you help an employee impress their boss with tools and solutions you partner up to create, that employee will act as an advocate on your organization’s behalf and that boss will trust you with more projects.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it Super Simple

Let’s say your company specializes in offering unique car washes that is unorthodox from competitors.  Rather than having to go to a car wash to get your car cleaned, you offer a service where customers in need of a car cleaning – who don’t actually want to drive out to get one – can order a car wash from your nifty app.   Customers can even subscribe to your service so that you can keep that revenue rolling in passively.

Alright! Let’s call it BeepBeep Cleaning: Home is Where the Car Is.  You have to get the word out about this revolutionary technology, so you take to launching internet campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Less is more.   Don’t complicate your message.  Harping on the details of your car cleaning app and how awesome your company is won’t actually attract customers because it will take too long for them to perceive value.  The truth about consumers is we’re self oriented with the attention span of a gnat.  We don’t actually care about how your company started as much as we care about: how quickly can you help me with my problem that I didn’t realize I had?  The sooner and the more concise you can answer the question, the better for everyone.

Here’s an example of 2 ads, you let me know which one is more effective:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ad 1:

“Are you tired of having to drive out all the way to the nearest car wash after a long day at work?  Only to wait for 30 or more minutes in a tiny waiting room for your car, along with four others, to cycle through the wash?  Well BeepBeep Cleaning has the solution for you!  Don’t wait anymore, order your car washes from the comfort of your own couch.  Our team will act quickly and diligently to give you a car wash that is better than any other you’ve ever had.  We guarantee it!”

Ad 2:

“Your car is dirty, what are you going to do about it?  Skip the drive, order your next wash right now”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ad 1 has way too many sales hooks.  I can definitely picture myself driving along and hearing this ad by a hokey announcer.  It sounds like an infomercial.  There is no call to action for prospects to check out your app, and the message is so long that readers or listeners may get bored.

Ad 2 doesn’t feel like a direct sales pitch as much as Ad 1, although it’s definitely there.  The problem is:  your car is dirty.  The solution isn’t 100% clear, but you’re intrigued to check out the app and download it on the marketplace.  Your ad also transmits urgency in encouraging customers to download right now – not today or tomorrow, this is worth your attention now.  This ad would do well if you boosted it on social media platforms supplemented with a compelling image because the caption is short.  Clicking on the ad would redirect leads to download the app directly from their phone.  From there, you hope your app can do the rest in convincing your customers to buy into your service.

So remember:  aim for delighted customers, be helpful not just knowledgeable, and the simpler your message the higher your conversion.  We hope these tips and tricks can help you on your journey to improving your sales cycle and service promotion!

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