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Taylor’s Problem

Taylor has struggled to find a developer who can quickly create an app for their organization. All of the solutions they’ve considered have been too costly, will take too long to implement, and cannot integrate with their existing systems. Their network doesn’t have the resources to host the application on-premise and they would like many users to be able to easily access the application from anywhere in the world.

Our Solution: Put an End to the Struggle

From everyday tasks to complex process automation, turn to Klein Consulting and the Zoho Creator multi-platform application builder to streamline your day-to-day operations. With more than 50 ready-to-use apps and the potential for customization and development, Taylor can use Zoho apps to manage everything from inventory and sales to recruitment and event management. Configurable roles and permissions ensure users see only the information and features that are relevant to them and integrations with industry-leading apps like PayPal, QuickBooks, and G-Suite ensure Taylor’s team stays connected, no matter where they work.

Klein Consulting’s Rapid App Development model allows us to build and configure apps 10x faster than our competitors who use PHP. Our Agile method of developing in two week sprints means our developers can create applications faster and more efficiently. This practice also allows us to keep our clients more involved so we can address any issues immediately, rather than at the end of development.

Rapid App Development

We’re Here for You!

Klein Consulting will take the time to fully understand your manuscript submission and review process to customize our core platform to match your organization’s functional requirements. In the meantime, click here to get started with a complimentary 30 day trial of our Publishable app.

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