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Meghan’s Problem

Meghan is overwhelmed with the number of people who are eagerly submitting manuscripts to her publishing house and she is realizing that her email inbox isn’t the best way to manage all of the submissions. She needs an app that’s easy for authors to use, but captures all of the information that her editors need to review the submissions.

Our Solution: Manuscript Submissions Made Easy

Klein Consulting developed the Publishable app to provide publishers like Meghan with a cost-effective, easy-to-use interface for authors to submit their manuscripts. When new submissions come in, Meghan will get notified and can quickly assign the manuscript to one of her editors for review. After reviewing the submission, editors can accept it for publication, request additional information or revisions from the author, or reject the submission and provide feedback to the author. Throughout the review process, authors can easily check the status of their submission and editors can stay organized with individual review queues.

Publishing House App
Publishing House App

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Klein Consulting will take the time to fully understand your manuscript submission and review process to customize our core platform to match your organization’s functional requirements. In the meantime, click here to get started with a complimentary 30 day trial of our Publishable app.

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