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Property Management

Luca’s Problem

Luca runs a property management company that rents out over 200 units throughout the Chicagoland area. Managing renters, tracking repairs that need to be made, and pursuing rent payments takes up the majority of Luca’s day. Luca needs an app that does all of this and more automatically, so he can focus on what’s important: growing his business and making sure his tenants are happy.

Rental Property Management Made Easy

PropertyPro, an easy-to-use, user-friendly app, was developed by Klein Consulting to make property management easy. PropertyPro allows property managers to keep track of units that are vacant, under renovation, or occupied and manage rent payments, while tenants can log visitors or deliveries, and submit maintenance requests and complaints. Managers and landlords can view and address all common concerns in one place so that they can quickly react to service requests. Save time collecting or chasing after rent payments with automatic reminders, and up-to-date tracking. Lastly, keep tenants happy by giving them a portal to submit requests and complaints where they can see the status of these requests, rather than having them call your office for updates.

Property Management
Property Management

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