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Brianna’s Problem

Brianna is the CEO of a mid-sized business that currently does not have a crm or uses several different softwares to manage her various business processes. She pays a monthly fee for a system to track employee hours and vacation days, a system to process invoices and accounting, and a system to track project status.

Our Solution: Saving Time and Money

By partnering with two major systems vendors, Zoho One and Microsoft, Klein Consulting is able to offer a comprehensive solution that will save Brianna and her team valuable time, hassle, and money. Zoho’s suite of apps, used by more than 150,000 companies globally, offers solutions to all of Brianna’s challenges for one annual or monthly fee. Brianna can centralize, streamline, and automate all of these processes to make her and her team’s life easier.

Leverage Your Systems
Leverage Your Systems

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