Klein Consulting
  • 15 October

    Sales and Marketing

    PSA:  BUZZWORDS DON'T MAKE YOU SOUND SMARTER The other day, I was driving home from a friend's house and a radio ad came on about how difficult it can be to integrate an ecommerce site with your ERP.  Their call to action was - buy these services from so and…
  • Sprint Ahead of The Competition
    PROCEED WITH CAUTION, READING THIS BLOG POST MAY INDUCE SERIOUS ICE CREAM CRAVINGS These days "agile" is such a buzzword in the world of software development.  We want to make sure that you understand why Agile is such a ground-breaking methodology to project management and why it can be powerful. …
  • A Warning About
    WARNING:  YOU MAY RECONSIDER YOUR CONSULTANT AFTER READING THIS POST Have you ever heard of an "expert" consultant that specializes in only one product?  They're out there, "Zoho Only" or "Microsoft Only" consultants that may in fact know almost everything there is to know about that platform.  On their websites…