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Have you ever heard of an “expert” consultant that specializes in only one product?  They’re out there, “Zoho Only” or “Microsoft Only” consultants that may in fact know almost everything there is to know about that platform.  On their websites they tout their knowledge and really get you to consider jumping all in with them because after all, they know best… or do they?

Be careful.  These type of consultants:

May have tunnel vision.

This means that they will only approach a problem you may have with what is available in the platform.  If there isn’t an integration – aw man, you’re out of luck! Challenge your consultants to bring in developers to build out API integrations when appropriate, but if their first answer is always along the lines of “we can’t do that because this platform doesn’t…” – red flag.  There are instances where this is true, but any bonafide developer will always at least come up with an approach before admitting defeat.

May prioritize their partner commission.

Playing into the point a little bit more, word to the wise – a lot of consultants out there make a commission off of your business.  Listen, this can be a really good thing!  Partners get perks that they apply to your environment – whether that be premium support, hands-on training, etc. The problem happens when a consultant won’t branch out to other solutions because they’re nervous about losing their “cut” of commission from your project.  Be sure that your consultants keep the success of the projects as the top priority.

May become territorial.

It happens.  You get so far with a consultant before you realize that your consultant simply does not have the knowledge or skill to execute the project on their own.  Watch out for consultants that are reluctant or defensive about bringing in another consultant that may know more about that piece of the project than they do.  This controlling kind of behavior indicates that they are threatened to lose you as a client; the truth is, they should feel secure enough in the relationship they have with you to bring in another consultant that knows something better than they do because – again, their first priority is to see your company succeed.

Klein Consulting is Committed to You First

We know about these kinds of warning signs because we have a lot of clients that had a history toxic relationships with their previous consultants.  Klein Consulting is always willing to learn and are not exclusive partners with any one partner because we understand that your organization may be a better fit with one platform over another.  Does this sound like a situation you are in with your consultant right now?  We can help!

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